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We were also ripped off by Universal. It was too late to cancel when we realized and now our bill is so high we cannot pay it!!! Not very happy and I do not know what to do!

I also had a man come to sell it to me after I already had it. When we told him we had it he told us to put something on the door saying we had it, in other words- so we didn't waste their time coming to the door. What a pity...wasting their time....what about our money wasted.


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Twisp, Washington, United States #11184

I am still trying to cancel these *** artist! I refuse to give them an extra $250 after their outrageous charges all winter!!

It's bad enough they rip us off then want a bonus for it?!! :upset

visit our yahoo group/ protectionplan to share results of fighting these crooks

Elmont, New York, United States #5377

I agree with these articles. When I tried to cancel the person was rude on the phone. To cancel I now owe

a large fee. I cann't afford to pay the

bill which is much higher than before

we switched.

So where are the saving? We all

work hard to pay bills. It wrong to

be cheated. :(

Cassville, Missouri, United States #4334

I canceled right after the man left my door. The operator guy told me to keep my cancellation number for 6 months in case I get charged.


How deceiving the representative that came to my door for Universal was. He told me that is was state funded and that my bill would be a lot lower. After he left I started reading the pamphlet he left stating that my bill could be higher than consumers. Are you kidding me my house is already going through foreclosure.

Another high bill just what I need. BEWARE SCAM ARTIST!!!

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