In 2008, I answered the door to a representative from Universal gas & electric corp. This person proceeded to tell me how much better I would be doing if I became one of their customers. He started telling me how my regular provider DTE, is constantly raising their rates and I would be better off having their service.

I thought that this sounded good because I don't work and get disability as my only income so saving me money sounded like the best option for me. Little did I know that the real case in fact was they would be billing me in addition to my regular provider, DTE energy. Little did I know I was in for a not-so-good surprise.

I just went along with it for a while until I noticed that my bills were extremely high for a consecutive number of months, so I studied it a little better and found out that instead of my paying DTE for my regular bill, I was additionally paying Universal. Instead only paying DTE a charge of 0.17013 per CCF, I am additionally paying Universal's charge of 1.149 per CCF making my bill 3x higher than it would normally be.

The next thing that made me fall off my seat was when I called to let them know how unhappy and surprised I was with having to pay all this extra money for my gas usage, the woman very non-chalantly said I need to send them another $250 before they would shut it off or the charges would continue.

Since I do not have that kind of "extra money" lying around, I've been at risk several times of having my service interrupted because I simply can't afford it. Luckily DTE is helping me with a shut off protection plan, which is much higher than it would otherwise have to be.

Something needs to be done so that this company's deceptive practices are not allowed to continue.

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