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I worked for Universal for 2 months. In the beginning, I was very motivated! The opportunity sounded great, the way they presented it. I wanted to run my own office in a few months, which is what they said would happen.

I jumped out of the gate running! The first day-- they call "training"-- I went with a man that was very good at his job. I knew that I could be great, so I was excited to begin my new career. I soon found out that it was door-to-door sales & not much more. The only paycheck was $25 per signature, and there was bonus every week. At first, bonus was having your name drawn out of a coffee can,if your "production" per day met theright number to give you chances to get your name in the can.

They also told me that going on "road trips" was optional, but good experience. The word optional means "if you want to keep your job." The company takes $20 per night out of your next check, to help pay for gas and the lodging for the trip (even though we're out there making money for them.) We had to share a bed with another person to save them money, and many expenses had to be paid by the Team Leader up front, and they had to wait for a reimbursement check.

The word paycheck was a dirty word, too. We had to get our checks (we were self-employed-- no workmen's comp or unemployment) from the office Manager. Not only was this a weekly barrage of excuses when the paycheck was different than the production for the week represented, but it was pointed out that I was not doing enough production to ensure that I'd get a check ( I had 3 weekly $0 paychecks in Dec 2007 alone ) When customers cancel, because they do have that option, we did not get paid for them, or they would be deducted from my almost nothing check ( any commission job does this, to be fair )

They did get me a $500 advance (because I did not get paid for my deals) Thjey always blamed Consumers and Michcon, saying they did not process very many "because of the holidays."

I'm sure that someone moved through the program, but "The Man" in the Southfield office is still a Team-Leader after something like 18 months (and he's the example for success that everyone uses in training meetings.) I don't have 18 months and counting!!!

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #35187

These MFs dirty *** ***, I went through the interview process everything sounds great but.....what will I be doing :? one ever told me. Then my first day came around and they finally told me we would be going door to door trying to "protect price increase." BULL!!!

Don't work for these yahoos. :(

Boadilla Del Monte, Madrid, Spain #28021


Bristol, Virginia, United States #10415

i worked there for 3 weeks and i got paid $25.. I was sooo happy i finally was able to buy minutes for my prepaid cell phone and some left over for some cigarettes.. this company rocks my socks!

Ellendale, North Dakota, United States #6721

my g/f and i were very worried about this company as well, we sat through this little presentation with pizza and drinks, and all the suited up "rich looking" managers, and noticed the same signs all of you noticed as well, this is nothng but a scam and im glad we didnt go in and work any free weeks

Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States #6255

I got a call today. My family is known to be physic and I am one of those people who gets bad or good feelings about stuff. More than just a gut feeling. They are VERY VERY accurate.

As soon as I got off the phone, the feelings kicked in. I started researching, which is something I am SUPER anal about, especially with all the scam jobs going on right now. I have been laid off for 5 months and I have gotten probably 20 calls about jobs that are BS. Selling Vaccums, etc.

So after researching and see what a great company UGE, lol, I think I will not go to my 12:00 interview tomorrow. Luckily I have an interview wednesday from a real company.

Thanks for posting your experiences!

Browns Summit, North Carolina, United States #5887

i worked for uge for 6 weeks and did not get a pay check and still havent thay told me i have deals prosesed but i still havent seen a check :( :( :(

West Nyack, New York, United States #5787

I recieved a call yesterday morning about 10am from UGE. They wanted me to come in for an interview that same day at 12:30 for an interview. When I got off the phone I was thinking to myself is this going to be one of those presentations? I called back to ask if it was hourly/ commission based and inside/outside sales. They said both, you will be given different job options and you will get to choose at the end of the day. Not true!

I was told that we all would be there for a couple of hours. Why? I was there from 12:30 -5:30!The man that did the presentation was GOOD and trustable. I really thought this was something great and they kept on saying we would make ALOT of money.Strange thing is they keep calling different ones out of the meeting and they didn't return.I was wondering why I wasn't being called.Then I noticed the people they were calling were either people who didn't look the part, hair a mess,bad clothes. All of African/American individuals were taken out early,except one woman.Then it clicked, they were qualifying people out quietly. FINALLY, I had my one on one meeting and he said he wanted to hire me and possibly for managment and that after 30 days I would get my own company car, also I would not go home without a paycheck if I had no sales. I was geeked.Then he told me he wanted me back tomorrow from 9-9pm for training and to go out with a sales rep.

When I got home I showed the rate difference of the ccf to my sister in-law and she said if she were to go with there rate it would be substantially more. Her rate didn't fluctuate for the past two years and sometimes did go down.Her rate was .76 ccf and there's was like 1.07ccf. Not much of a savings if the price doesn't go past 1.07ccf!!!!

I called and said I'm not coming in today because I saw the reports on the BBB. Too good to be true!

Landing, New Jersey, United States #5047

very interesting spiel delivered by the staff of uge. have been working with them for two weeks and will give them another two weeks to see how things go... am not optimistic

Rosedale, Mississippi, United States #4225

Is this the same company as "Electric America" or different? I interviewed with them awhile ago.

Roseau, Minnesota, United States #3968

I was contacted by Universal Gas through CareerBuilders. I was told that I would be interviewing for the Assistant Manager position in Grand Rapids.

I was told that the company in new to the State of Michigan. It sounded to good to be true. But I was really excited. My sister in law called me and told me that this company was a huge scam.

I didn't want to believe it but then did further research. I called Dave back at UGE and started to ask him questions about what I had just read online. He said that people were just making up lies about the company. That they got licensed in the state of Michigan so what was I worried about.

The more questions I asked the more ignorant this guy got. After I read the report from the MI State Attorney General he finally was like, Well I don't think you seem like a positive person and I don't think you would fit well with the company, we are going to cancell our interview with you. Thank goodness people have posted reports reguarding this company. I'm sooooo glad that I didn't get involved with this company.

Thank you to everyone who has made reports or posted information about this company.

Our local news is doing a report on this company on Monday. Can't wait to see what they have to say.

North Branch, Minnesota, United States #3916

i also worked for universal gas and electric...i had injured myself out in the field and was then placed in recruiting until i healed which was about 6 weeks...they lie to people to get them in for interviews...they will not knowingly interview black women unless they were referrals...they would not let us tell anyone the nature of the business or anything of the sort...there were also numerous times when i was out in the field that my checks were not what i had earned..i saved my deals and added them up..i also got the well its dte or consumers fault...if you think about it lots of people are cancelling....they were registering almost 1000 people a day across michigan alone..imagine 250K a day.

Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany #3282

My husband and I went to the "interview" today. I was called back to go for training tomorrow.

I've had an uneasy feeling about it, and starting doing some research.

After seeing this posting, I have decided I will not be going. Thank You for the information

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